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Dispensary Opens In Smith Valley
est. 2020

We have opened our doors for cannabis, cbd and equipment/ancillary sales as of February, 2020. Stop by and see what we have to offer and what's coming later in the year. Want to see us carry certain products or brands? Throw a comment our way and we'll add it to the retail list. Make sure and contact us for hours as we're on a skeleton crew while we finish our first harvest batch.

Montana Canna Articles And Grow Journals

Tag along for our journey through the cannabis industry as it and we change through this exciting time of medicine, legislature, product innovation and recreational use throughout Montana, the United States and the rest of the world.

Is Marijuana Legal In Montana?

Honestly, we couldn't tell you. Voted on during the fall of 2020, "We The People" decided it should be. Fast forward 6 months and Governor Gianforte and Senator Jason Ellsworth have decided that 'legal' should have a very obscure and 'extremely regulated' meaning.

'Dispensary Near Me' - Which Cannabis Strains Should I Have At My Dispensary?

Make sure you have a good selection of pure Indica and Sativa strains with a mix of high, medium and low range THC percentages so when customers search for Dispensary Near Me they will be thrilled with your flower selection.

1 Year / 5 Harvests with the Gavita 1700e LED Grow Lights

This is a follow up to our initial impressions from Harvest #1 with the Gavitas so if you’re considering purchasing or if you’re looking or considering purchasing or if you’re looking to compare LED fixtures, start there. First, let’s talk power consumption. I’m running 6 lights with the coinciding adapters and master controller. I burn them 18/6 in veg and 12/12 during flower. My local electric coop charges 6 cents per Kilowatt Hour so let’s do the math.