marijuana life cycle

October 4th 2019

We germinated our first genetics from Barney's Farm in the grow room and officially began the process of farming exotic, medical grade marijuana in Flathead Valley, Montana.
The American Dream is alive and well and within weeks the circle of life is showing up. The plants are fragile and delicate but grow quickly with just a gentle mist of water. Seed pods fall from expanding leaves and we're left with a feeling of hope and excitement. It's an unexpected priviledge to guard and care for these plants. #montanacanna

Master Growing

Montana Canna brings on a Master Grower to ensure our product is of the safest and highest quality for our patients and customers. What can be good is now great and our team grows along with our plants.

Harvest #1, Products and Processing

Harvest #1 brings good fortune and fills up the store room with 10 varietals of beautiful cured bud of all shapes, sizes and colors. With a collection of fruit-forward strains, we acquire a processing license and grow the product line to salves/balms, pre-rolls and now have the capacity to make tinctures, oils, edibles and other in-demand products.

Doors Open and First Sale

March 2020 brings the first earned dollar for Montana Canna and our doors are officially open. Montana then un-tethers in June and we're in business.

Guild & Recreational Market

2021 brings significant expansion for Montana Canna in the form of brand new grow rooms and an extraction lab. We travel to Helena frequently to meet with the Montana Cannabis Guild and State Legislature and DOR to influence the laws and rulemaking in prep for a recreational marketplace.

Stay tuned...